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12 альтернатив привычным вещам из пластика

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12 альтернатив привычным вещам из пластика

Уменьшить свой экологический след можно, отказавшись от неперерабатываемых пластиковых товаров. Recycle посмотрел Instagram-аккаунты сторонников движения Zero Waste и выбрал 12 альтернатив продуктам из одноразового пластика. 

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Everyone loves a wax wrap right. Well these ones are made with 100% vegan soya wax instead of beeswax. Perfect for wrapping your fruit and snacks in. But more importantly these are a great plastic free alternative to cling film. They are handmade in Wales, UK and use locally sourced cotton. These wraps come in a pack of 3 different sizes squares in different designs. They are eco friendly, sustainable and can last you a year. So that's a whole year where you'll never need to purchase clingfilm. Totally zerowaste too. In stock now www.ecogreenrevolution.co.uk #plasticfree #plasticpollution #stoptheplastictide #saynotoplastic #waxwraps #veganwaxwraps #plasticfreeshop #zerowaste #goingplasticfree #zerowastekitchen #goingzerowaste #vegan #zerowasteuk #sustainable #zerowastelife #zerowasteliving #compostable #soyawax
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Safety razors are back in stock and now available on their own with a pack of five blades . One of my favourite swaps so far is a safety razor. By switching from a disposable razor, you can help reduce the number going to landfill (estimated at 2 billion per year worldwide) and save money at the same time. . Check out my blog featuring your most common questions answered and my top tips. You can also see a demonstration video on my Instagram story highlights They really aren’t as daunting as they look, I promise! . Unisex Safe for underarms and bikini line Easy to operate Saves you money in the long run Close shave Recyclable blades • Replacement blades are also available online at www.thekindstoreonline.co.uk . Still have more questions...comment below and I’ll get back to you. Tash x
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